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Chesapeake Reading Council

Virginia State Reading Association’s Chesapeake Chapter

Chesapeake, Virginia

Congratulations to Kathy Doren!

City-Wide Reading Teacher of the Year

RTOY 2018-2019

Chesapeake Reading Council is proud to recognize Kathy Doren as the City-Wide RTOY for the 2018-2019 school year. Kathy, throughout her extensive educational career, has shown an exceptional support of reading and literacy efforts. She is a strong advocate for teachers and students and has a strong vision for the reading program at her school. She has written numerous grants, been involved in conferences, presentations, and trainings, and has been an integral part of program development for book challenges, projects, and initiatives like the Reading Olympics. She has many professional affiliations and is heavily involved at her school and in her community. She is also helping promote literacy around the world! She has taken trips to help train teachers in some of the most rural parts of Haiti. Kathy is humble and hard-working which makes what she continues to do to help others even more amazing. Join us in celebrating the very special, Kathy Doren!